Mountaineer Athletic Club: West Virginia University's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
How do I become a member of the Mountaineer Athletic Club?
You can become a member of the MAC by donating a minimum of $100 to the MAC Annual Fund. There are also a variety of other ways to join/support the MAC and WVU Athletics. Please click here to join the MAC today.
Why should I donate to the Mountaineer Athletic Club?
Private support is essential to the success of WVU's intercollegiate athletic program. The WVU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics receives no financial assistance from the state of West Virginia. It is a self-funded entity, solely dependent upon self-generated revenues to operate and provide student-athlete scholarships. Your individual support helps talented young people receive a quality education from West Virginia University while ensuring WVU's tradition of athletic excellence continues to grow.
What benefits do I receive for becoming member of the Mountaineer Athletic Club?
MAC members receive a variety of membership benefits which include, but are not limited to, invitations to MAC functions and priority seating options for football, men’s basketball and baseball. For a complete breakdown donor benefits and annual giving levels, please refer to the Benefits Chart here. MAC Annual Fund contributions from December 1 through November 30 determine your annual giving level and benefits administrated.
Is my donation tax deductible?
If you choose to purchase tickets based on priority seating, in addition to making a contribution, your contribution is not considered tax deductible in accordance with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (2017). For 100% tax deductibility of your annual contribution, you must decline your right to receive any benefits at the time you make your gift. Only the individual, organization, or business making the contribution and holding priority seating status is eligible to receive the tax deduction. Major gifts or contributions not associated with ticket priority or other benefits are 100% deductible. Mountaineer Athletic Club donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes from the WVU Foundation upon receipt of their donation.
My company has a matching gift program. What do I need to do to make sure their matching gift is applied to my annual donation?
Matching gifts are great way to increase your annual fund contribution. Please visit to use the WVU Foundation's Matching Gift Search Engine to see if your employer sponsors a matching gift. Matching gifts must be received by June 30 in order to be applied towards priority seating and parking gift requirements. 
What is the best way to increase my Priority Point Standing?
Increasing your annual giving level and purchasing season tickets are great ways to increase your Priority Point standing. 
What is the Priority Points Program?
The Priority Points Program is designed to reward longevity and generosity of support towards West Virginia University, its Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the MAC. It is used to determine seating at away games, bowl games, post-season tournaments, new season ticket requests and parking.
Ticketing Questions:
Is the Optional Seat Selection Process for WVU football and men’s basketball a Reseating Process?
It is important to note that these are not re-seating processes. All existing season ticket holders will have the opportunity to maintain the same seat location as this past season as long as you maintain the MAC annual giving level at which you contributed to acquire your seats. Existing season ticket holders do not have to participate in the Optional Seat Selection Process, if you are satisfied with your current season ticket location.
Can I purchase individual home game tickets?
All MAC donors are eligible to purchase individual game tickets. The quantity and/or location of tickets you can purchase is based on availability, annual giving level, and Priority Points within your level.
What is the limit on away/neutral game tickets?
The quantity of tickets you are eligible to purchase is based on your annual giving level, Priority Points ranking within your level, availability and demand. The availability and location of the tickets is determined by the opposing school and/or venue.
When are individual game tickets mailed?
Single, away and neutral site game tickets are typically mailed 7-10 days prior to each game.
How do I change the address/contact information on my account?
Please note any changes on your order/request forms returned to the Mountaineer Ticket Office. You may also update your contact information online logging into your account at
For more information please contact the MAC at 800-433-2072.