Varisty Club

Dear Fellow Mountaineer,
As a former student-athlete at West Virginia University, I know you have fond memories of competing for the Mountaineers. The years I spent wearing the Old Gold and Blue are among the most treasured times of my life. Your accomplishments at WVU are forever a part of the rich history of Mountaineer athletics. To honor and recognize these accomplishments, the Varsity Club was established to provide a way for all former Mountaineer student-athletes to stay in contact with their programs and teammates.
There is a strong emphasis placed on the growth and development of the Varsity Club, and that is why your support is so important. You can relive the glory of your days as a Mountaineer by joining the Varsity Club and returning to campus to see old teammates, share old stories and create new memories. We’re contacting every former Mountaineer student-athlete possible and making it as easy and convenient as possible for you and your teammates to get invol
ved. Just complete the Varsity Club brochure, join online by clicking HERE or calling us at (304)293-9563. Also, be sure to watch this special video below explaining the benefits and advantages of becoming a Varsity Club member. Annual membership in the Varsity Club includes many valuable benefits in addition to the opportunity to visit Morgantown and reminisce with former coaches, teammates, and friends. Annual memberships run from July 1 through June 30 each year, and it is only $50 per year.
All members receive: - an invitation to our special Varsity Club Weekend - football game day Varsity Club tent passes - a chance to attend Varsity Club reunions and special events - discounted hotel rates - a window decal - the opportunity to purchase exclusive Varsity Club apparel Lifetime members receive all annual benefits plus an exclusive Varsity Club Polo. Lifetime memberships are $1000 (only $500 for alumni 60 years of age and older). This past year has been a great success for the Varsity Club with record attendance at all of our events and reunions.
In addition, we have established several exciting partnerships exclusively for Varsity Club members and worked to develop a social and business network among members. All of our efforts are focused on making the WVU Varsity Club the best organization of its kind in intercollegiate athletics. Sincerely,
Dale Wolfley Football '90


Director of Athletics Welcome
I am truly humbled to return to my alma mater as its 12th director of athletics. After graduating from WVU, I was away from our great University for nearly 27 years, but I never lost track of the Mountaineers and the great things that were happening in Morgantown.
My vision for the future of our alma mater holds better facilities for our student-athletes and fans. I want our teams competing for conference and national championships, and we will continue to make you proud of us on and off the field. Our academics are stronger than ever and today’s champions owe you a debt of gratitude for helping to pave the way for a great college experience.
I want to thank you for your participation and generous support of our Varsity Club. I might have been away for some time, but one thing has not changed. This place is special, and it’s great to come back, and that’s why I encourage you to actively participate in our Varsity Club activities.
As a student-athlete, you played a role in building our success and now you can help us take it to the next level. The purpose of the Varsity Club is to provide a way for all Mountaineer student-athletes to remain in contact with the administration, your coaches and teammates. It’s a way for us to reach out and be able to update you on the happenings and events in Morgantown, which hopefully you will want to attend. We also want to make your time back on campus special, and this will provide an avenue for all our student-athletes to give us feedback.
No one knows the excellence of Mountaineer athletics better than our past student-athletes. It’s your sweat, determination and effort that has helped us become one of the best athletic departments in the country. I am asking you to stay in tune with us by being a member of the Varsity Club. We want and need your participation, and we want you to always feel at home at your alma mater.
Remember, Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer.
Shane Lyons
Director of Athletics

The Varsity Club provides a way for all Mountaineer athletes to remain in contact with their athletic program, team and teammates. Former Mountaineer student-athletes have always been generous in their loyalty, enthusiasm and support for their respected programs and the Varsity Club provides former athletes with an opportunity to continue traditions that were so valuable when they were in Morgantown. Varsity Club membership is an exclusive benefit for all former WVU student-athletes.
Its purpose is to provide a way for all Mountaineer athletes to remain in contact with their athletic program, coaches, teammates and University. The Varsity Club encourages continued involvement and participation of its members in all activities relating to WVU. The Varsity Club hosts a number of events including Varsity Club Weekend and various team reunions which are designed to bring alumni back to campus and to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to WVU.
Annual dues-paying members receive a number of benefits while continuing their legacy as a WVU student-athlete and promoting WVU’s rich athletic heritage.
Mountaineer athletic history dates back to that blustery fall day in 1891 when a less-than-well organized group of University students gathered in a cow pasture outside of town to take on Washington & Jefferson in a new sport called football. Baseball and basketball soon followed and many other diverse sports -- from boxing and wrestling to volleyball and soccer -- have been a part of the Old Gold and Blue over the years. Today, former Mountaineers number in the thousands and live throughout the world.
Why We Need Your Help
Athletics is a window through which the University is often viewed with accomplishments serving as a tremendous recruiting tool and a catalyst for philanthropy to all areas of West Virginia University. As a former student-athlete you understand that private support enables the WVU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics to recruit and train elite student-athletes in first-class facilities, fund scholarships and compete on level playing field with peer institutions. Financial stability in athletics ultimately breeds success and success breeds pride among WVU’s many alumni and friends.